On a Friday night laying on my bed feeling exhausted but super grateful for the weekend, it’s been a week that consumed most of my energy.

Vacation thoughts creep in and before I know it my hands are on my phone checking out the flight details, you could be wondering how I chose the destination, well for me coast is always on my mind.

I check on the Jambo jet website and oh how lucky still about 12 seats left for the 4p.m flight.

I book and search for air b.n.b available hotels.

The heavens knew how much I had been exhausted and I find a pretty nice place.

Saturday Morning,

I awake to the sound of my 5am alarm which I forgot to turn off agggh.

I’m up so I say a short prayer and start scrolling. It dawns that I will just have a night and some hours at the coast, quite depressing for me.

It’s almost 8.30 am and I’m yawning, for those who got mouths that keep asking to chew something every now and then can relate.

I prepare breakfast and start packing.

Fast Forward I get to JKIA 40 minutes before check in time.


I can’t wait to fly and get to the white sands.

Check in time and here we are.


This time excited but not as excited as the first time you can read the article congratulations you’ve booked your first flight,

We lift and it’s always a good feeling up there.


The flight is about 1hour and 5 mins.

as we descend.

Indian Ocean.



We land safely at the Ukunda Airport. Very glad indeed. Nothing much has changed since the last time I was here.

I get a cab and asks the driver to take me to the guest house I had booked, Its super-hot, the same time I’m feeling like I had been on a 12 hour flight.

I get to the place and check in, relax a bit and then head out to eat.

The beach is not so far way but I think I need to rest first. Back to the room and sleep catches up fast only to wake up at 5am

Again at the sound of my alarm.

The sun rays are already penetrating so I get up and head to the window just to catch a glimpse of the neighborhood.

At 9 I head out.

Done having a simple breakfast I board a tuk tuk which is a very common means of transport at the coast.

Finally at the beach. I’m thinking its Sunday the human beings are few just fishermen and a few more people.


It’s peaceful here.

Every hour at the beach is happy hour!


I spend some good time at the beach as I enjoy the breeze, watching people surf and sipping madafu.

I need to get ready for my return to Nairobi. That was fast.

For sure one (day) is never enough.


……and that is what Nixcy saw….



Where the water is turquoise!!!

Ngare Ndare has always been on my bucket list ever since i saw the images on internet.

The forest  lays on the border of two of Northern Kenya’s counties – Laikipia and Meru, and on the border of two conservancies – Lewa and Borana surprisingly lush and beautiful vegetation, in complete contrast to the surrounding land which is mostly arid, although stunning in each own sense.

Early morning i leave my house and head to town to meet the other guys who were travelling this time i used the DMK Adventures.

Around 8a.m we left for Nanyuki, feeling super excited !

We have our first stop over at Sagana and our second at Nanyuki (Cedar Mall)

From Nanyuki to Ngare Ndare is 1 or 1.30 hours depending with the speed and type of vehicle.

Using a travel agency is better it will save you the hustle of driving, directions etc

The road to the forest is murram it’s easily accessible.


We alight from the bus and wait for everything to be cleared.

The air feels so fresh and calm.

Walking without a guide is highly discouraged coz there are wild animals.

We are assigned a guide who is quite informative about the flora and fauna as well as the history of the area.

Visitors are allowed to enjoy the gorgeous drive through the forest though one needs a good car.

We did enjoy the hike down to the waterfall followed by a swim in the turquoise and ice cold water.

The fall is about 3.5km from the assembly point.

We get to the fall and wow!

The water is turquoise in colour.

Visitors are allowed to swim but non swimmers are discouraged to.

We spend an hour or two and left for the canopy walk.

The canopy is 450m long one way and about 20 feet above the ground.

Canopy walk! ….mahn i can’t wait for my turn.

I’m super psyched up i wanna tackle that height phobia.

Up to the stair and on the mesh . Jesus i didn’t ask for this!

I’m scared i can’t even walk but slowly i adapt….

I’m able to move but very slow at least I’m making progress,,,, they didn’t say it would be easy but it would get better!

Hey courage I’m now able to pose and take photos.

Hats off for those guys who pose while sleeping or sitting on the mesh.

On a lucky day you will see the elephants and warthogs at a close range.

Walk, walk, walk i made it!

Well that I’d not go for a second round 😂😂 but trust you me it’s fun.

We are done for the day ,not much time is left so we leave for Nairobi but in case you wanna camp all you need is to inform the management in advance.

…..and that’s what Nixcy Saw

To more 2019!🙏

Away from the city life.

This was going to be my second Kibo,the first being Kibo Place hotel in Arusha remember? if not read my article my 3 days in Arusha.

On that natural set-up is the Kibo Amboseli Safari Camp.


The Safari camp is a luxury tented camp in Amboseli National Park at the foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro,the highest mountain in Africa.

Kibo has 85 self contained tents for single,double,triple and family tents.


On that early morning all set for a good experience and a feel good weekend.

To Kibo is approximately four to five hours drive.

We had our first stop over at Makindu then proceeded, i couldn’t wait to get to Amboseli damn God knows how much i had wanted to be there.

We got to Kibo around 3.00 p.m, we did the check in and headed to the tent.



Having been on the road for long we went to the restaurant and oh wow the set up is just on point.

The restaurant is set under acacia trees overlooking the majestic Mt.Kilimanjaro.


The camp chef had pampered us with all the fine cuisines for all tastes.

we were done but in a dilemma to either go for the 4:00 p.m game drive or to relax and see around.

We decided to stay and enjoy the Kibo atmosphere.The air felt so good,it was silent something different from the city life.

Here are some of the pics of how Kibo Safari Camp looks like.




As i walked around i came across the curio shop which is open and free for viewing,taking pics and buying the wood carvings.





We called it a day,had dinner and back to the tent.

Day 2.

There is no way that i was gonna miss the early morning game drive usually @6:00 a.m

At exactly 6:00 we left for the game drive to Amboseli National Park.


Visitors are required to carry their National IDs or Passports the charges will depend if you are using a travel company or on self drive.

Amboseli National Park offers some of the best opportunities to see African animals because its vegetation is sparse due to the long dry months.

Such a sunny day ready to see what the park got for us.

The driver would stop briefly whenever we saw the wild animals, the first were the buffaloes.


As we proceeded we saw the animals grazing and swimming .



There is also the Lake Amboseli that is a temporary one the image of the flamingos not well captured.


The game drive went on for about two hours and back to the camp.

This was the best shot i thought of the Jumbo.


Breakfast was well served on a buffet basis.

Time to cool off the heat and off to the swimming pool.


Lunch time and back to the tent to relax.

I think Kibo by night looks way better, the lighting,cricket sound,the Maasai dance and the night booze.


The Maasai cultural dance is from 9:00-9:30 daily no charges but visitors can tip the dancers if they wish to.

Off to bed awaiting the departure the next day.

Day 3

Breakfast as usual but didn’t manage to go for the game drive.

Around 10 p.m we checked out.

Mahn,that was fast i still didn’t wanna go back to the city.


You wanna have a wild experience,Kibo Amboseli Safari Camp is the place to be.


To more of what Nixcy saw 2019!

Thompson Falls

Thompson Falls is located in Nyahururu Town, Laikipia county.

The fall is 243 ft and drains from the Aberdare Ranges.

Upstream of the falls (Ewaso ng’iro river) is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.

The fall was discovered by Joseph Thompson a Scottish geologist.

The fall is a major source of revenue to the county with the domestic and international tourists.

There are traditional dancers,curio shops,snack sellers around the scenic fall.

Visitors are allowed to go downstream and take pictures at no cost.

Paradise under African Skies! Amani Tiwi Beach resort.

Continuation from congratulations! You have booked your first flight!

Having landed safely,picking my luggage i head to the taxi area and ask for the Bonfire Adventures cab driver

Bonfire Adventures offer hotel transfers to the hotel and back .

Its really hot and all i need is some good food,drinks and swimming.

We drive to Amani Tiwi Beach Resort doesn’t take long.

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort is located on the private beach of Tiwi in Diani Beach, Kwale county.

I am welcomed with a glass of juice and later escorted to my hotel room.

I can’t wait to get to the room and change then start taking pictures of everything .

All rooms are pool view.

The swimming pool is at the centre of the buildings which makes it look really beautiful.

I have been to coast severally but this is one of my best places.

Its lunch time and off to the buffet.

Where there is good food the mood is good.

I serve and after am done eating i go to my room and change ready to swim.

I am just in love with the pool.

2 hours and i am done swimming so decide to take a power nap.

Its 6:30 p.m! I overslept.

Dinner time yeaaay.

There is the show time where dancers entertain visitors but i choose to do afew drinks before the bar is closed at 11:00 a.m .

Day 2.

Such a lovely morning.

I shower and head to the Palms Restaurant for break fast.

I love food and so i serve food meant for two😂😂😂.(jenga mwili haribu jina)

Today i will spend my day at the beach .

Its never a dull day at the beach darling.

Looks like today everyone is at the beach.

Well lets have fun and make memories.

Having paid for an all inclusive package the flow of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks is inlimited.

Tiwi cocktail is my favorite.

Having had lunch i am back to the beach now to write on the wet sand and take an evening stroll.

Happiness is a good walk at the beach.

I meet Suleiman a coral seller who warns me not to walk barefoot because of the sea urchins. Thanks to him.

Sea Urchins.

Dinner time.

I head to the wasafiri bar and at 11:00 a.m am off to bed.

Day ends.


Congratulations! You have booked your first flight.

The feeling of being in a plane for the first time is awesome !

I booked my flight via Bonfire Adventures to Ukunda Diani.

Silverstone air it is.

I couldn’t wait for the D-day.

I remember the previous night if i slept maybe for 2 hours 😂😂😂.

Oh God it was the longest night .

Its 5:30 a.m and am up ready to shower and get ready for my flight which was scheduled at 10:30 a.m crazy right?

I got to the airport 1 hour before the check in time.

I took pictures of everything everywhere lol.

Too excited,super excited,over excited like yeaaas am gonna fly .

I remember seeing planes and am like one day i will fly! This is the day that the Lord had made and i will rejoice.

I checked in and was given a boarding pass then to the waiting lounge.

Silverstone Air Line offers shuttles to the boarding lounge.

…..after the security check we were directed to the plane ….Oh My God!

So this is it!

The cabin crew stated the safety instructions but i never heard a thing the excitement was too much for me to pay attention all i wanted was to see how the skies look like.

Time to take off…its not a very good feeling but its one to remember .

Like i said i took pictures of everything including the guide book! Hahahha.

When you are flying above you realize how incredible the earth is.

The flight was one hour and now its time to land.

I remembered as a young kid i wanted to be a pilot here i am as a passenger.

So is life.

Thanks to the Almighty for the answered prayers,,thanks to bonfire adventures, thanks to Silverstone Air Services (Captain Kamande and the entire cabin crew).

To many more local and international Flights ✈✈#DearGod.


Flying Tips.


1.Book your ticket.

Do it early 1/2 weeks before the travel date.

This will allow you to have discounts and a seat.

You can use a travel agency near you or log on to the desired air company website.


Prepare the necessary documents and your luggage.

Make sure your luggage does not exceed the stated weight to avoid extra costs.

Keep time.

Get to the airport 1/2 hours before the check in time.


3.Check in.

First thing to do is check in at the airline offices.

You will be issued with a boarding pass and luggage receipt.



Go to the departure lounge.

Some air lines will provide a shuttle to the lounge and some will not.

After completing the security check you will then be directed to the plane or wait alil bit.


5.Inside the plane.

Take your seat by number if there is none,get you a comfortable position.

Before taking off the cabin crew will give some safety instructions with demonstrations.

Pay attention.

You are not allowed to stand or move while the seat belt signal is on.

6.Landing/ after landing.

Do not stand or move till the plane stops and signal belt is off.

You can go and reclaim your luggage then to the exit